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Command Line Interface: Caisson_VHM (output file)

Offshore Caisson / Suction Pile Calculation

Program CAISSON_VHM calculates offshore foundation caisson capacity in undrained soils under VHM loadusing a yield function (Kay and Palix, 2010, Kay, 2015).

The latter type is mainly used to anchor floating systems or vessels, as a starter pile for pipeline pulls, or salvaging capsized vessels. 

The soil response is assumed undrained, and gives various shear strength profiles between which the program interpolates.
Caisson foundations may be broadly divided into the following two types:

1. Support foundations (load applied at seafloor)
2. anchor foundations (load applied at depth below seafloor).

The former foundation type includes usage for:

1. (oil and gas) subsea templates, manifolds, wellhead and pipeline supports, riser tower bases
2. (renewables) wind turbines, transformers and met masts, etc.



How does Caisson_VHM work?

Download the Software

The software contains Caisson_VHM.exe which you can run via command line MsDOS / PowerShell on a Microsoft Windows computer

Put HASP-key in Computer

The HASP-key is like a USB-stick that you need to unlock the software for x time of license period.

Create Input File

The Caisson_VHM reads textual input files, which you can manually alter and update with your data.

Generate Output File

Run the command line with your updated input file and view the output file. Ps. if you are handy you can write your own code script.


Note: each license term can be adjusted to your needs with a minimum of 1 year and 1 user.

Single User

1 x license
1 x HASP-key
1 year license

Multi Users (x 5)

1 x license
5 x HASP-key
1 year license

5+ or more

1+ licenses
5+ HASP-keys
1+ year licenses

Book: Intermediate Offshore Foundations

Coverage: Intermediate offshore foundations that are used as anchors for floating platforms and ancillary structures, foundations for steel jackets,, and to support seafloor equipment and offshore windturbines.

"This is the first book dedicated to the geotechnical design of intermediate foundations, and it will appeal to professional engineers specialising in the offshore industry."

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