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Specification Summary:

Preliminary caisson geotechnical designs are required for two foundation types, namely support and anchor foundations. Both have different design challenges: for top loaded support foundations, it is possible to directly obtain optimum geometries (i.e. factored loads equal factored resistances) for given VHM loads.

Other modes analyse all load cases to find those with low Factors of Safety. The main anchor mode finds optimum caisson lug level and embedded lengths, using chain profiles computed from seafloor loads.

Other modes assess design robustness and generic design. Using a yield function obviates the general need for more complex numerical analyses, and facilitates rapid optimisation and sensitivity analyses.

How does Caisson_VHM work?

Download the Software

The software contains Caisson_VHM.exe which you can run via command line MsDOS / PowerShell on a Microsoft Windows computer

Put HASP-key in Computer

The HASP-key is like a USB-stick that you need to unlock the software for x time of license period.

Create Input File

The Caisson_VHM reads textual input files, which you can manually alter and update with your data.

Generate Output File

Run the command line with your updated input file and view the output file. Ps. if you are handy you can write your own code script.


Organisation B requested CAISSON_VHM analyses for 2 support and 1 anchor foundations. Organisation B spot checks made at L/D ≈ 0.5, 3 and 1, see Table below, gave reasonable agreement. In addition, less than 1 s computer time was needed for all CAISSON_VHM analyses (3 runs, 1 or 2 load cases, 24 caisson diameters).


Note: each license term can be adjusted to your needs with a minimum of 1 year and 1 user.

Single User

1 x license
1 x HASP-key
1 year license

Multi Users (x 5)

1 x license
5 x HASP-key
1 year license

5+ or more

1+ licenses
5+ HASP-keys
1+ year licenses

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