Walkthrough: Spudpen

How to install Spudpen.

First download the Spudpen files here:

  • https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zx6dl9gcfo71jfs/AABfVw5o-6tcFrbkJGeqHSsla?dl=0

This will contain the following files:

  • EXE
  • MAN + FAQ
  • Sentinel



  • HASP-key must be in your computer that you are running Spudpen on. 
  • Note: Spudpen and ‘calculation-kernel’ ISO_19905_1 are the same


To make it simple, let’s create a new folder on your disk:

  1. Create folder -> ‘Spudpen’ Tip: Create a folder that has short pathname for quick access. e.g. “C:\Spudpen” 
  2. Extract all the files in that folder
  3. You should have something like this in your folder structure  “C:\Spudpen\ISO_19905_1”


Open a Command Line Interface

  1. Go left on your Windows task bar
  2. Type search “CMD”
  3. Right mouse button
  4. Open as “Administrator”
  5. It will open a Command Line Interface (CLI) view also know as a ‘power shell’ (pretty old skool, yes we now)


You see something like this:

  1. Type “C:\Spudpen” You will now see that you are in that directory. Tip: Type “dir” -> this will show you all the files in that directory
  2. Type: “CD ISO_19905_1”
  3. You are now in the “C:\Spudpen\ISO_19905_1”


How do you start Spudpen?

  1. Type: “CD EXE”
  2. You are now in the “C:\Spudpen\ISO_19905_1\EXE”
  3. Type: “ISO_19905_1.00.11” Note: this is the latest version of the .exe
  4. [hit enter]
  5. As you can see nothing will happen. No problem


You now need to tell the ISO.exe which INPUT file it should read and calculate.

  1. Open up windows folder explorer (tip: press windows icon + e)
  2. Locate your INPUT file name. Note: file names have the file extension .i01 (the ‘i’ stands for input)
  3. There are TEST-input files in the \Spudpen\ISO_19905_1\MAN+FAQ\AppC_Example_Files (you can try this for a test run)
  4. Copy the FULL path name of the input file.
  5. Don’t forget to include the .i01 extension
  6. You should have something like this: “C:\Spudpen\ISO_19905_1\MAN+FAQ\AppC_Example_Files\EX1_GSS.i01” (remember the .i01 extension)


How do you start Spudpen?

  1. Go back to your “Command Line Interface”
  2. Make sure you are in the directory where you want to run the ISO_19905_1.00.11 (.exe)
  3. You should have something like this: “C:\Spudpen\ISO_19905_1\EXE\ISO_19905_1.00.11”
  4. Don’t press [enter] yet
  5. Type this: ISO_19905_1.00.11 “C:\Spudpen\ISO_19905_1\MAN+FAQ\AppC_Example_Files\EX1_GSS.i01” (remember the .i01 extension)
  6. Hit [enter]


If this doesn’t work, check the following:

  • There must be a SPACE between the ISO_19905_1.00.11 + “C:\…. filename.i01”
  • Don’t forget the “begin and end quotation” -“C:\….. input-file.i01” 
  • Make sure you have the .i01 input file correctly spelled
  • Is the HASP-key in the computer?


Where can you find the output file?

  1. The output file should be in the EXE folder
  2. The output file has the same NAME, but the extension is now .O01 (the O = output)


Can I put the .exe anywhere on my pc?

  • Yes

Can I put the input files anywhere on my pc?

  • Yes


My system is reporting an error that it can’t read the HASP-key

  • Install the Sentinel package, which can be found in the “Sentinel” folder
  • After updating your computer should mention that it has detected a HASP key
  • Your HASP-key should be turning red / blinking
  • Restart your computer

My system reports that there are some errors regarding the fortran, dll’s and such.

  • Go to “System Settings”
  • Search “Visual”
  • From the application list “Select and REMOVE”
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2014
  • [restart your computer] 
  • Go to “EXE\Missing_DLLs”
  • Install
    • vc_redis.x64.exe
    • vc_redis.x86.exe
    • ifort_redist_msi.exe
  • [restart computer]
  • give Spudpen a try

Can I use the Spudcan software via local area or network?

  • No, sorry, but we are working on a Cloud based version

Can I use Spudcan with multiple colleagues?

  • You need to purchase multiple licenses, so everybody get’s their own HASP-key.
  • Or we need to switch on ‘network mode’… but, we are working on a Cloud based version

Can I give feedback or suggestions on Spudcan?

  • Yes, send an email to richard.kay@casksoftware.com
  • Please include a mockup, sketch, … to illustrate what you would like to see.