Our software products are built on 30+ years of experience and based on proven technology since 2012 and used by engineers world wide.

About the Company


Our mission is to create the right functional software tools that provide a solid foundation for the geo and technical civil engineering industry.


When we look at the market we see an uprise in the offshore industry, renewables, windturbines and other verticals that need to be placed in intermediate foundations.


CASK is an acronym for Caisson_VHM Steve Kay – headquarter is based in The Netherlands but we service world wide.



Caisson_VHM & Jack-up Rig / Spudcan Penetration calculation kernels were originally created by Steve Kay (1946) – His son Richard Kay (1982) currently looks after his software legacy and licensing.

Current Status

Currently we are ploughing through a lot of Steve’s documentation (and we mean a lot!) TL;DR – The calculation kernels formulas and algorithms are rock solid and proven.


Our goal is to push Steve’s Caisson and Spupen software to the 21st “cloud” century and improve the user experience by enhancing the interface, input and output system.


Steve Kay

The late Steve Kay was an independent geotechnical consultant with thirty-three years’ experience as a principal engineer with Fugro, and over forty-five years as a geotechnical specialist, mainly in the oil and gas industry, both with contractors and consultants.

His expertise was in shallow and intermediate (caisson, bucket, can) foundation design, with extensive worldwide experience in offshore, nearshore and land engineering. He gave suction foundation courses and master classes and wrote the commercially available software package CAISSON_VHM and the calculation kernel for Jack-Up Rig & Spudcan Penetration, based on ISO-19905-1. 

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